Trent and Ashley

I am so grateful to both Trent and Ashley for giving me the chance to capture their perfect day, celebrating their love among friends and family.  It's hard to put a finger on what was the most special part of this wedding for me.  Perhaps the fact that I have known Ashley since she was born, reminiscing about the day her mom told my mother and I she was pregnant, and remembering the days when I would babysit her and her sister Amber.  Maybe it was seeing the love between three sisters, all ready to start this new adventure in their lives but wanting to hold on to this incredible bond I've had the privilege of witnessing over the years.  It could have been standing with the bride's father after the rehearsal as we stood watching Ashley in the barn, asking if he was ready for all this and listening to his sweet remarks of his baby girl.  Possibly it was the groom and seeing his face that moment the doors opened up and Ashley appeared in her beautiful dress.  Or it may have been the dance between a mother and her three beautiful daughters that had me wiping away my tears til the very end.  I'm pretty sure it was all of this and everything in between.  It was an honor to be apart of your wedding and Ashley, I'm so happy you found the mountain man of your dreams!